Stephanie Saulet strongly felt the course of her 14-year teaching career took a sudden turn to resign from her job to write this memoir. Questioning God if this is what He wanted her to do, especially while grieving her husband, Christopher, she spent many hours praying about it. One morning, she opened her Bible, still wondering what she should do, and turned to Jeremiah 1:9-10 –

            “God reached out, touched my mouth, and said, ‘Look!  I’ve just put My words in your mouth – hand-delivered!  See what I’ve done?  I’ve given you a job to do.’”

She knew it was a confirmation to share Chris and her story about their faith and trust in God, hope for healing and dreams to come true, and their love for each other and for God throughout their race together.

Completing this book after three years has finally allowed Stephanie to move on in her life, excited to see what God will do for her and knowing He is always there, leading her, and encouraging her to Ride On!