Do You Believe there are Angels Among Us? – Part 1

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post. I apologize for such a long delay since it was not my intention to keep you all hanging. Sometimes, you come to a sudden curve on your path that forces you to slow down or stop for awhile. You see, my mother suddenly passed on July 25th. Even though she endured many health issues over the last several months, repeatedly going to the E.R. and being admitted to the hospital, we knew it would only be a matter of time. However, we thought we had more of it when she kept insisting to us that she was not ready to die, saying, “I’m too nosy about my family to die.” (Yep, her exact words!) But early that Wednesday morning, mom finally let go.

The title of this blog is for a loving tribute to my mother and it is the first part that will follow a second blog in a few days. But if you will allow me to indulge you with this two-part series, I will include a sneak peak from one of my chapters in the book “Ride On!” in the next blog. Then you will understand better how I truly believe that there are Angels among us.

For the past 15 years, my mother has been fascinated with Angels. It all started with a mysterious encounter she had with a stranger in a store. She was searching the shelves for a particular iron supplement to prepare for what would become a major surgery. She had been worried sick over this surgery, wishing she didn’t have to do it, and hoping everything would be alright afterwards. She was getting frustrated not finding exactly what the doctor suggested, so I went to the next aisle in search for the over-the-counter prescription, leaving her alone for a moment.

A slender lady approached my mom, sweeping her long jet-black hair over her shoulder, and joked how difficult it is to find the one item among all the many different bottles on the shelves. My mother sighed, shaking her head, and kept looking frantically. The lady paused next to her and gently touched her shoulder.

“Can I help you find what you’re looking for?” she asked. My mother looked at her and became immediately mesmerized of her beauty. Her light red lips curled in the sweetest smile against her fair smooth skin. She wasn’t wearing any make up and her presence calmed my mother. Without hesitating, she showed the lady the note from her doctor and together, they studied the shelves until the lady found the prescription in the smallest bottle in the bottom shelf.

“No wonder we couldn’t find this easily, it’s almost as if it was hidden,” the lady joked again, making my mother feel more at ease and she managed to get my mom to open up to her.

“Oh, I’m just really nervous about my surgery,” my mom explained, “which is why I have to take this supplement to prepare for it.”  She went on to describe her surgery while the lady listened carefully. She smiled again, softly squeezing my mother’s shoulder, pulled a photo out of her black leather purse, and handed it to my mother.

“Keep this photo with you. I assure you, when you see your doctor again, you will find out that you won’t have to have that surgery. Everything will be okay.”

My mother looked down at the photograph, gasped, and quickly turned her attention to the lady, only to see me walking toward her.

“Did you see that lady?” she asked, looking quickly around her.

“What lady, mom?”

“You had to have just passed her. She was just here.” I checked around the aisle that was empty other than the two of us.

“Uh, mom,” raising my eyebrows, getting more concerned about her worried state of mind, “there’s no one in this aisle but us.”

“But she was here, standing where you are now, and we were talking. You didn’t see a beautiful pale looking woman with long black hair?”

“No, I didn’t see anyone that fits your description, mom. I’m sorry.”

“But she was just here,” she said again, looking at the photograph held in between her jittery hands.

“What are you looking at?” I asked. Mom proceeded to tell me her story how she got the photograph and when she finished, she handed it to me. I almost fell to my knees seeing the picture and hearing the wonder of my mom’s story. Suddenly, I had to find her. I quickly looked down aisle after aisle and asked several different salespeople if they had seen the lady that fit my mother’s description. No one saw her.

As we drove home, we kept wondering if she was one of God’s Angels. We agreed to believe she was and Mom kept that photograph with her at all times.

When she saw her doctor the following week, a new development came up and she didn’t have to have surgery after all. From that moment on, my mother kept her picture with her and believed that Angels do exist among us.

“They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places, to grace us with their mercy, in our time of need. I believe there are Angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above. They come to you and me in our darkest hours to show us how to live, to teach us how to give, [and] to guide us with the light of love.”

~ from the song, ”Angels Among Us” performed by Alabama

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Below is the photograph this lady gave to my mom that day in the store.  What do you see?  Do you believe there are Angels among us?

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  • Debbie Hermann Houghton says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely without a doubt believe angels live among us. My sister Angie (RK c/o ’99) pased away 10 years ago from leukemia at the age of 20. My 3 year old was sleeping on the floor in our room still upset about her death. Smooths after her death, I woke to what I thought was my daughter peering out the window. I said, “what ae you looking at?”. She just nodded toward the backyard. No words. I looked and the first fallen snow of winter glistened in the night, brighter than I had ever seen. I replied back how beautiful it was and when I looked over, no one was there and My daughter Rose was under the covers still as could be. I called her name several times– no movement. I laid there the longest time trying to figure out what happened. Faith tells me it was an angel. My heart tells me it was my sister.

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