Inspiration of the week:
Hanging On – Britt Nicole
A song from her album “The Lost Get Found”

Here’s the first part of the song that really gets me:

You see my anxious heart
You see what I am feelin’
And when I fall apart
You are there to hold me

How great Your love for me
Now I see what You’re thinkin’
You say I’m beautiful
Your voice is my healin’

Without You I just can’t get by
So I’m Hangin’ on to every word You speak
‘Cause it’s all that I need
Hangin’ on to every word You say
To light up my way…

Why does this song get to me? Because it is through God’s Word that I hang onto whenever I need Him. I feel His love for me in His Word. I feel a renewed sense of hope in my life through His Word. And I feel my faith growing stronger because of His Word.

When Chris passed on, I had NO idea what to do with life without him. But one thing I did know was that I needed God to heal my grief, my sorrow, my pain, and to help me pick up all the pieces of my broken heart and put it back together.

I hung onto God’s Word to work through my grief. I depended on God’s Word to know that He is there with me every morning, noon, and night as I worked on our story, “Ride On!”

I thought fighting the cancer with Chris was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life, but it no way and no how compared to living in grief and writing our story at the same time. Try to imagine – if you will – how heart wrenching it was for me to relive some of the hardest times of our fight against the cancer as well as desperately wanting and wishing we could relive our happiest times together. It truly became the most challenging race of all for me. I could’ve easily – many times – given up on this book. But I truly believed I was called to write our story. I deeply knew this was something I had to do – for God, for Chris, for myself, and for you, the reader.

So… how did I do it?

By Hanging On to God’s Word that let me feel His love, hope, and strength in my faith, that helped me to share our story to you, and that helped me to Ride On again.

Whatever it is you are going through right now – hang on to God’s Word to help you through it. His Word is what you need “to light up your way” as you continue to persevere in your own race.

Ride On!

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  • Jeannine Bedel says:

    I knew you were an amazing woman when I met you the first time in a grief support class at St. John’s. You continue to confirm at! Good luck as you Ride On!!!

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