What does the Fourth of July mean to you?

This was the day that marked our American history as our Independence Day from the British crown to become an independent country – an American Nation.

Over 200 years now, America has celebrated and treasured its freedom. After each tragedy that struck our country and through our triumphant victory over them, our resolve toward our freedom grows ever stronger, more passionate, and that much more valuable to us Americans.

Let us take a moment to thank God for our freedom:

“I pledge allegiance to the FLAG
and to the REPUBLIC for which IT stands
on NATION under GOD, indivisible
with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.”

Take a moment today – either through prayer or in person – to thank ALL those who put others first before themselves to serve our country, for our protection and safety, and those who help to save our lives – medically and spiritually.

I came across this video and it deeply touched me in all the ways our country is being served by so many brave men and women, “A tribute to our Supermen and Superwomen.” Please click on Facebook link at the bottom of the website to check out the video. Very inspiring and deeply moving.

To my fellow Americans, a most happy Fourth of July to you!

Ride On!

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