This is so true and I can testify how God will give you the strength to keep going in your race through Chris and my story in Ride On!

Chris and I endured many struggles during our race against the cancer.  But we kept riding on when we could have given up.  This is where my testimony begins of how a person can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

When Chris was diagnosed with Urethra Cancer back in September of 2005, there was no consensus among the top cancer centers around the country on how to treat it.  Should we try chemotherapy?  Risk radiation with the tumor located just on under the skin?  Or surgically remove it and then try a chemo regimen?  Which chemo should we try first?

Can you imagine sitting in the patient room, listening to the doctor explain that Chris has a very rare type of cancer?  Then hearing how the doctors from some of the top cancer centers around the country do not even know how to begin to treat it and they couldn’t agree on where to begin to treat it?  And then later, you decide to do your own research to try to make sense of all this and read how a patient with this type of cancer had 1 to 2 year life expectancy?

Can you imagine?

I remember feeling fear attack my mind and my heart sitting in that room, listening to the conversation between Chris and his doctor.  Chris sat up straight and tall.  Nothing the doctor said deterred him, “I’ll do whatever it takes to fight this thing,” he said confidently.

Throughout our race, fighting this cancer, Chris’ faith, hope, and love amazed me each time when the road got tough.  No matter how difficult the news or how unbearable the physical, mental, and emotional pain was for us, Chris would continue to trust God to take care of it.  There were times when Chris would stop, raise his hands up in prayer and give it all up to God, knowing God was in control over everything.  Then he would feel a deep sense of peace flow through his body, his mind became clear, and suddenly he’d gain strength to pick up his pace and keep riding on.  Chris exemplified this.  And even though there were times when he thought he couldn’t take the pain anymore, each of those times became a moment when he discovered his true inner strength that came from God so he could persevere on in his race.

Remember: “God will provide you with everything you need,” if you will trust your faith – trust God, believe in your hope, and love your family, friends, and God through it.

Whatever course you’re on in your race, don’t give up – no matter how difficult or how painful it is or how long you’ve been on it – keep walking, running, or riding on!

Please go to my Facebook page or Twitter page to hear a song by Matthew West, “Strong Enough.”  The video that was made with this awesome song is very powerful. 

Remember: even “if you have fallen and feel like you have reached the lowest point in your race, stretch out your hands and God will pull you up.  Brush yourself off and keep going as best as you can.  God will take care of the rest.”

Look up to God who will work wonders within you and for you.

“Labor and struggle [in your race] with the energy of Christ working powerfully in [you].”  ~Colossians 1:29

Ride On!

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