About a week ago, I was in a workshop at my church. It started out with a song and these words moved me deeply: “We’ve come to share our story….”

After the meeting, I kept thinking about those words. I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Several days later, I was listening to Joy FM on the radio and the D.J. was talking about how each of us has a story to share with someone. Once again, I was deeply moved. I realized this book, Ride On! is exactly what I’ve done – I’ve come to share Chris and my story with you about our race against a rare type of cancer.

Each of us is called to share our story.
Each of us is called to be a witness for each other.
Each of us is called to be a witness for God and to proclaim His good works within us and for us.

It doesn’t necessarily mean to write a book. It could be taking the time to open up with the one who needed to know he or she is not alone in their race. It’s a comforting feeling to talk with someone who knows what it’s like to struggle uphill even though it is such a painful climb (when life gets so tough, you almost want to quit) or what it’s like to feel the adrenaline rush, coasting downhill, enjoying the thrill of the wind in your face (when life is going so well).

I became Chris’ witness as well as a witness of God’s works in our faith, hope, and love. More than ever, I truly believe I was suppose to write this memoir – to be a witness of all the good He had done for Chris and me throughout our race. While it was one of the most challenging task I’ve undertaken, it became my privilege and responsibility to share our story with you.

Whether you are struggling right now or just have overcome your race or you’re enjoying the thrill of the ride, it can be a story to share with someone who would become so inspired or motivated to keep riding on – because you gave a part of yourself to another person that made him or her not feel so alone – because you would not give up – because you open up to God’s grace so that His love would flow through you to that person.

To open yourself to another is an honor, but it feels like a risk.

Pray about it.

Take the risk!

Share your story.

“There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away fear.”
–1st John 4:18

Ride On!

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