Monday, July 16th I received an email from my publisher that my book was being uploaded to the printer and I should have the first print/copy within the next 5-7 business days. So the countdown began as I anxiously await until sometime between next Monday through Wednesday for my book. Behold, it has been delivered this afternoon, July 18th!!!

I’m overwhelmed with emotions that I can’t find the words to express all I’m feeling right now. After three years working on Chris and my story, it is finally a book! The only words I can find to express myself is… GOD IS SO GOOD!

Right now, I have to peruse through the book for one last final review and then give the “OKAY” to the publisher to move right along.

After that, I work with them to get my book set up on their website as well as order a bulk of books.

SOON, oh so very soon, you will be able to order the print copy and/or the e-book copy.

Stay tuned… until then, keep riding on!

Below is a photo with my dog, D’Artagnon, who sensed my excitement.

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